Smart Parking Management

All-in-one solution


Wireless device that truly digitizes any parking slot (slot status & who parks and when - security). It checks compliance through a camera (LPR).

IoT PS Mini

Low profile, on-surface edition of IoT Parking Sensor for express deployment, only for LoRaWAN. Suitable among others for parking garages.

IoT Parking Sensor

Leading IoT Parking Sensor; mature (since 2016), being manufactured in thousands; credentials for its accuracy and robustness in harsh environment.


Unique, truly loT-based Parking Guidance Signage for visual information about availability. It’s completely wireless and has seamless installation.

IoT Permit Card

Unique tool for parking management by carrying ID of a parker. It transmits ID information to an IoT Parking Sensor after a parking event.


The parking slot dynamic enabler indicates the status of the slot and its availability via a power-efficient flip-dot display. It can be sewn or glued.

City Portal

Universal tool for parking policy setting and subsequent enforcing. It brings insight into parking through advanced statistics.

Mobile Apps

Various (adjustable) apps enable e.g. navigation towards vacant parking slots, information about parking fees, and the ability to make a payment.


Cloud-based solution supporting all deployed IoT hardware parts by receiving telemetry, controlling, and managing by telecommands.


Management tool for overview at deployment (all on one screen). It enables notification in case of unexpected behavior.

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