Parking Guidance Signage

Parking Guidance Signage

IoT Fleximodo Signage

The IoT Signage is integrated with 3 small solar panel sticks right within display, and thus it’s compact and completely wireless. The installation procedure is the same as any traffic sign - plug&play. Such signature is furthermore due to its unique “flip-dot” display way better readable in comparison with conventional LED displays that lack contrast and are often not or weakly visible to drivers.
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Flip-Dot Display

The special “Flip-Dot” Display uses the power only while changing the display status. It’s reflexive, with the highest possible contrast (black/yellow), and visible on a principle like a traffic sign. In bright conditions, it’s way better readable in comparison with conventional LED displays.

  • Passive imaging technology
  • Contrast increases with ambient light
  • Glare-free natural view
flipdot display

Other benefits

Excellent visibility
The light-reflecting dots provide excellent visibility over a wide range of ambient light conditions. Visibility increases with an increase in the ambient light level. The dots do not demand any additional illumination during the daytime, and only small external illumination at night - e.i. vehicle reflectors (traffic sign principle).
Plug & Play solution
Because of the character of the flip-dots display, it’s possible to have a sustainable solution on the exterior without any external source of power or expensive cabling. There is no need for any additional approvals, and installation reminds installation of the traffic sign, in this case, a dynamic one.
Minimal power consumption
Power is only required to change the data displayed. Inherent magnetic memory in each segment retains the display indefinitely without applied power. Multiple displays can be operated on a few watts of total power.
High reliability
There are no bulbs to burn out and no mechanical linkages to wear out. The dots are the only moving parts and are resistant to withstand over 150 million operations on average (30 years, in case of status change every 10 sec.).
Operation in extreme conditions
The displays can operate in a temperature range from -40°C to +75°C and relative humidity up to 95% (without condensation). Outdoor applications require a weatherproof enclosure.
Shock and vibration resistance
The flip-dots display elements are highly resistant to shock and vibration and are particularly suited to mobile applications with wide temperature extremes.

Technical specification

Table dimensions:
1500 x 330 mm
Display module dimensions:
400x200x80 mm
Display area dimensions:
330x130 mm
10 kg for the standard size
Display resolution:
20x7 pixels
Display space:
3 digits / 'FREE' / 'FULL'
Pixels colors:
Y/B or W/B - reflexive
Battery & Power
rechargeable 3300 mAh-Li 18650
Power consumption:
1mA / in case of Ref. rate - 2 min
Power source:
embedded solar cell
Operating temperature:
-40 to +85 °C
Ingress protection:
Connectivity / Status refresh:
NB-IoT (20 sec) / LoRa (32 sec)

Price quotation

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