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Data creator and IoT transmitter of the solution is the detector also known as SPOT.

The detectors are hockey puck-sized available for installation below the surface and on the surface (with a simple adapter) on the street. The detector measures electromagnetic changes in its vicinity and thus it detects the presence or absence of a vehicle (free – occupied). Information about change of occupancy status is transmited via IoT to the cloud. The battery life is more than 8 years. Thanks to auto calibration these sensors are maintenance-free and easy to deploy. Installation and detector analytics application (Android + IOS) is provided as well.

  • Auto calibration – no maintenance needed
  • Adjusted for any IoT network (Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT and Cat-M)
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrades enabled
  • Installation and detector analytics application (Android + IOS)
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Firmware update

Firmware update remotely Over-the-air (OTA).

All IOT networks

Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT and Cat-M.

Long battery life

More than 8 years (!) depending on parking frequency.


Seamless installation, maintenance free usage.



Fleximodo also offers a backend to the smart parking solution + Deployments monitoring and control.

The server application is in space charge of data collections and interpretations, and serves to controll the health of sensors (battery life, date of installation, occupancy, warranty).

  • Administering the customers and their carparks
  • Administering the detector
  • Data analytics and regular reporting
  • Data-storage and data-export (PUSH or PULL to client’s IT systems)
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Car parks administration

Setting up and management of parking lots.

Solution maintenance

Via telemetry and telecommand management.

Reports and Statistics

Customizable analytics and regular reporting.

Data storage and export

PUSH or PULL to client’s IT systems.

iPermit card

iPermit card

Fleximodo also introduced  special parking permit cards (iPermits) for securing special parking slots from the violators.

This iPermit card needs to be embedded inside the vehicle into a vehicle and it gets paired to communicate with the detector. Therefore the detector sees not only a vehicle’s presence but on the top of that also who is parked. If there is an permit card, it’s allowed parking, if there is no card it’s unauthorized or illegal parking.

  • Parking slot protection against violators
  • Electronic permitting
  • Enabling parking policy set up and enforce set up of parking policy and enforcement
  • Real-time notifications about illegal parking (for police / parking enforcement)
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Long Endurance of iPermitCard

3 years in average.

Extreme condition

With special battery.

Battery indicator

Status of battery available.

Small dimensions

Credit card sized casing.

This is how it works together

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