City parking

“The way we park is being dramatically transformed. Parking for free and wherever is history. Municipalities are looking for ways how to solve the imbalance between the limited parking space supply and the ever increasing demand for free lots. Fleximodo is a tool that solves this problem for the benefit of the environment, municipal budget and, ultimately, all drivers.”

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Company parking

“Do you believe in enironmental and social responsibility? The Fleximodo system solves the imbalance between the number of company parking lots and the number of employees in need of parking. It motivates your employees to behave ecologically. You can charge fees (even if only symbolic) for company parking lots and use these funds to support local charities.”

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Residential developers

“According to a study by Deloitte, IoT enhances residential development projects. It creates new value for the residents. It gives the developer the ability to gain some distance against their competitors and find new sources of income.” (Deloitte University Press)

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Commercial developers

“Parking within commercial business centers is static. Sometimes the spaces are used, most of the time they are left vacant. Nobody has been able to effectivelly harness this hidden opportunity. Facility managers of business centers can monetize this opportunity for the benefit of the developers and/or their tenants.”

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