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Discover how Fleximodo, an innovative IoT technology, creates seamless, reliable, and eco-friendly smart parking solutions for the cities of tomorrow

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What is Fleximodo?

Fleximodo combines durable precision-engineered IoT hardware with efficient, reliable software to deliver best-in-class smart parking management solutions.

Why Fleximodo - Digital Parking?

How Fleximodo helps?

Smart city & parking integrators

Smart city & parking integrators

Fleximodo's smart parking solution can optimize parking spaces, reduce traffic congestion, and improve traffic flow in urban areas by using advanced sensors and real-time data analysis.
Integrate our solutions with other smart city systems such as traffic management or public transportation for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

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Companies & Residential Developers

Companies & Residential Developers

Elevate your residential development projects and company parking lots with Fleximodo's Digital Parking solutions. Boost resident value, gain a competitive edge, and tap into new income sources through our all-in-one offering.

Fully integrated with Parking Around, our end-to-end solution streamlines the smart parking experience, catering to your specific needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Internationally awarded

seal of excellence
access city award
life EU
The Water Council
smart city works
future now
Slovak American Foundation
hub raum
SK cube
challenger green and digital accelerator
Deloitte fast 50, Deloitte impact stars
challenger AI accelerator

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