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Parking Guidance Signage

Digitizing Parking with Tailor-Made & Wireless Guidance Signage

Our Guidance Signage is integrated with small solar panel sticks,and thus it’s compact and completely wireless. With a simple plug & play installation process mirroring that of any standard traffic sign, it’s incredibly user-friendly. But what truly sets our signage apart is its revolutionary “flip-dot” display.

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Flip-Dot Display

The special “Flip-Dot” Display uses the power only while changing the display status. It’s reflexive, with the highest possible contrast (black/yellow), and visible on a principle like a traffic sign. In bright conditions, it’s way better readable in comparison with conventional LED displays.

  • green tickPassive imaging technology
  • green tickContrast increases with ambient light
  • green tickGlare-free natural view
  • green tickViewing angle 160° instead 70°/40° (LED display)
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flipdot display

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Flip-Dot vs. LED displays

Feature Flip-Dot Display Traditional LED Display
Visibility High contrast and reflexive properties of flip-dot displays make them highly visible even in bright conditions. Often lack contrast and can be difficult to see in direct sunlight.
Power Consumption Power is only consumed when changing the display status. Multiple displays can be operated on just a few watts of total power. LEDs continuously consume power to maintain the display.
Reliability Designed to withstand over 150 million operations on average (approximately 30 years if the status changes every 10 seconds. Bulbs can burn out over time, and the overall display may degrade with continuous use.
Operational Range Can operate in extreme temperature conditions, from -40°C to +75°C, and relative humidity up to 95%. May not function as well in extreme temperature conditions. May require additional weatherproofing for outdoor use.
Environmental Impact Low power consumption and integrated solar panel system make this an environmentally friendly choice. Higher power consumption and lack of renewable energy integration may have a greater environmental impact.
Readability in Different Light Conditions Contrast increases with ambient light, providing a glare-free natural view. Excellent visibility over a wide range of ambient light conditions. Can be overly bright in low light conditions, and difficult to read in bright sunlight.
Installation & Maintenance Plug & Play solution with no need for any additional approvals. No bulbs to replace and minimal maintenance May require professional installation and periodic bulb replacement. May have higher maintenance costs.

The Environmental Impact of Flip-Dot Technology

IoT Fleximodo Signage doesn't just guide parking - it's a step forward in sustainable technology. Discover how the low power consumption of flip-dot displays is changing the environmental footprint of parking solutions.

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