IoT Parking
Sensor Standard

magnetometer + nanoradar
up to 10 years; SAFT
ultrasonically welded; IP68, IK10
under and on surface
See IoT Parking Sensor Mini
Electronic permitting
IoT Parking Sensor ability to be paired with an IoT Permit Card and provide an ID of parker (authentication).
Monitoring & control
Precise monitoring (with AI) of deployed devices, notifications, and seamless remote OTA control (logs, FW updates).
Data consistency
Resistant IoT infrastructure against network outages. Metrics are preserved after reconnection (no data loss).
Detection resistance
Detection is accurate and reliable despite local interferences or frequent changes (noticing every status change).


IoT Parking Sensor Standard enables two types of installation. The most common - undersurface with a special under surface adapter so that potential replacement was as simple as possible, without any dirty road work (replacement within 5 minutes). The on-surface adapter is designed for installation in parking garages with the use of 3 non-magnetic screws.

Technical spec and features

over-the-air firmware update.
Own antenna design
optimized for all global IoT networks (Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M).
Onboard data logger
“black box” for ex-post sensor diagnostics.
Private APN
secured connection between the sensor and the cloud by private APN.
Combined two-way sensing
magnetometric and nanoradar with enhanced detection reliability - up to 99 %.
Data consistency
resistance to connectivity outage. Data is not lost but is being transmitted after connectivity recovery.
based on a robust algorithm for the magnetometer.
Embedded coulombmeter
reliable online and onboard battery consumption and health monitoring.
Certification validation
approved by Deutsche Telekom AG & Vodafone.

DiSPO & Monitoring

With IoT Parking Sensors you don’t buy only hardware. A lot of effort was put into sought through sustainability of deployed infrastructure (sensors). We offer a precise monitoring tool that analyses every received packet and ensures that all performs as expected. DISPO is a useful tool for onsite manipulation and feedback from the sensor.

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IoT Parking Sensor Mini

The smallest IoT Parking Sensor from the European Union

Sensor Mini works only with LoRaWAN

Battery Calculator

LoRaWAN Network

IoT Permit Card

IoT based Parking Management

Unique electronic permitting

Residents, VIP, Disabled, Reserved, etc.

❮❮ Example of Efficient parking usage
Example of Efficient IoT vehicle trap ❯❯

Efficient IoT vehicle trap

No standing or parking space for vehicle

no standing!
no standing!
❮❮ Example of Unique electronic permitting
Example of Efficient parking usage ❯❯

Efficient parking usage

Time-limited parking tracking

❮❮ Example of Efficient IoT vehicle trap
Example of Unique electronic permitting ❯❯

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